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Concerned Residents of River Hills

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Concerned Residents of River Hills

Welcome to SAVERIVERHILLS.COM. This web site was created to both inform and to unite the residents of the Village of River Hills.

We want to inform you of a potentially large commercial development being proposed on the 53 acre Eder farm located on Brown Deer Road between Spruce Road and Range Line Road. Should this proposal be allowed to proceed, it would be the first time in the history of the village that something other than single family residences, schools and places of worship were to be permitted. This could forever change the  character and make up of this unique village and definitely  not in a positive way.

We want you to unite with us in opposition to this proposal. The ONLY way that this proposal can become a reality is if the current residential zoning law is changed.


Contact your fellow villagers to make them aware of this proposal.

Contact all of the village trustees to express opposition to this proposal.

Place a yard sign on your lawn.

Attend the meetings of the Save River Hills Committee.

Call your trustees today and let them know this is NOT the future of River Hills that you desire.

Stephen Anderson414- 351-3512

Chris Noyes414-640-7657

David Fritz Jr414-467-5017

Peggy Russo414-405-8851

Kurt Glaisner414-352-8414

Willard T Walker414- 446-5572

Peter Kingwill414-247-3085


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