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River Hills Zoning

The village of River Hills currently has a zoning ordinance which is approximately 75 pages in length. This ordinance regulates virtually every aspect of the  village  with respect to zoning issues. In short the reason we are interested in zoning is that currently the village makes no allowance for commercial development with in its borders and that for commercial development to occur the village would not only have to change the zoning to allow that but they would also have to issue a special use permit for the project. We are opposed to any zoning change whatsoever.

If  anyone has several days with nothing on the calendar and is prepared to suffer some of the most boring reading you could imagine, the 75 pages of village zoning is available to you. If you are only interested as we are in the portions of the current village zoning which pertain to the residential character of this village, it's interesting to note that on section 7.0103 and section 7.0104 you will see the  “ intent “ of zoning regulations within this village. there is a long list of intentions, it covers lot size, population density and distribution, it regulates street access it talks about traffic carrying capacity, the issues of protecting existing and potential property values as well as a number of other but less important issues, all of these items under these two sections pertain to the current residential housing in the village and are incompatible with commercial development.

The zoning in our village is  currently utilizing five basic zoning districts R1, R2, R3, SW, and NSW which essentially are three residential districts and two wetland districts.With respect to the residential districts R-1  limits lot sizes to a minimum of 5 acres, R-2 limits lot sizes to an area of 2 acres, R-3 limits lot sizes to a minimum of 1 acre. There is nothing whatsoever with respect again, to commercial development.

With respect to special use permits which is controlled by section 7.0804, a special use permit would be required for any commercial development within the village. The special use permit conditions clearly state that “  no special use permit shall be granted authorizing the use of land and/or buildings for community living arrangement purposes with a capacity for 9 to 15 persons on any parcel of land less than 10 contiguous acres or as many as 15 persons on any parcel of land less than 15 contiguous acres “. clearly these provisions would not accommodate commercial development.

A cursory reading of the 75 pages of the village zoning ordinances clearly indicates that no commercial development would be allowed in River Hills without zoning changes. No zoning changes,  no commercial development. It is our purpose as a group of concerned residents to take whatever actions we can to convince our trustees who will sit in judgment of any proposed commercial development, not to change the village zoning. The purpose for our organizing is to present over whelming resident disapproval of any zoning changes to our trustees. This is where you come in, we need your help. JOIN US

Our fear with the prospect of commercial development is that once the precedent is set,  Brown Deer Road and Good Hope Road will become attractive sites for commercial development of all manner. we do not want these two major arterials to turn into  Brown Deer Road and Good Hope Road, west of River Hills. the time to stop this potential is now.

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